Test of English for Aviation

State Agency "Civil Aviation Agency" is officially acknowledged centre Nr.13 of English language testing  – Test of English for Aviation (TEA) in Latvia.


To take the test firstly you have to address Inspector of the Personnel Licencing Division Kristine Sīpoliņa : Kristine.Sipolina@caa.gov.lv(67830957).
Tests are administered on Wednesdays in the first half of the day depending on the number of the candidates.
Payment of the test is determined in accordance with the  Regulations of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Latvia Nr.999 (17.10.2013.) "Price list of the State agency’s "Civil Aviation Agency”  charged services" and accordingly it is EUR 142.29 per candidate.
Payment is possible to be made on the spot at the agency  with a bank payment card or with bank transfer.
The results of the test are available at the agency in two weeks time in the form of a certificate.

TEA, the approved ELP test for aviation professionals, now has a new, improved version - go to http://www.tea-test.com for samples of the new Part 2 task (http://www.maycoll.co.uk/aviation-english/tea-part2-challenge.htm)  Challenge yourself to do well with the new recordings and the Task Card!”.