Foreign Operator Safety

SAFA Programme

The main instrument for Safety assessment of foreign aircraft (SAFA) in European Union is the SAFA programme. SAFA inspections are carried out on European Union or European Economic Area Member State aircraft, as well as on third-country aircraft in order to verify their compliance with international safety requirements. The information is summarized in the European Union SAFA programme database. If the aircraft inspections show significant deviations from the international safety standards, the competent civil aviation authorities must immediately notify European Commission. These actions in the field of air transport are designed primarily for ensuring a high level of protection for passengers.
In accordance with Regulation 2111/2005 (establishment of a Community list of air carriers subject to an operating ban within the Community) and based upon various other sources of information, the European Commission may decide upon an operating ban in the Community. Further details can be found on the EC website.
Aircraft and aircraft operators are inspected both randomly and in accordance with Commission Regulation (EC) No 351/2008 of 16 April 2008 implementing Directive 2004/36/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council as regards the prioritisation of ramp inspections on aircraft using Community airports.

Should you have any complaints regarding safety of your flight, please fill in Complaint about flight safety: (form pdf, form word) and send it to Safety Investigation and Data section of Civil Aviation of Latvia. (Contact information is provided below).

Safety Investigation and Data Section

SAFA National Coordinator

Phone: + 371 67830969 (24 h)

E-mail: safety[at] (24 h)

More information on SAFA program can be found here: (in English) (in English)